Welcome to Namib Hunting SafarisUntouched Hunting AREAS in NamibiaExperience of a Life Time

Welcome to Namib Hunting Safaris

Namib hunting Safaris is Situated 150 km North-East of the airport.

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Untouched Hunting AREAS in Namibia

Namib Hunting Safaris hunts 200 000 acrs of Free Range private hunting areas along this Eastern side of the Namib Desert with is mega herds of Gemsbok, Springbok, Hartman Zebra and Monster Kudu in this stretch of land.

Experience of a Life Time

At Namib Hunting Safaris we do Quality Hunting over Quantity Hunting. You will arrive as a Client at Namib Hunting Safaris but leave as a Best Friend .

About Us

namib hunting safaris

Welcome to the Safari world of Peter Brenkman – Big Game Professional Hunter ,Bow Hunting Guide & Owner

Peter started out working as Professional Hunter for well Know company in Namibia for several. He has guiding trophy hunters in all corners of Namibia, gaining extremely valuable experience and getting to know the country like the back of his hand.
Peter is a fully licensed dangerous game professional hunter & Bow Guide in Namibia. He invites you to come and share the beauty of Namibia, its people, wide open spaces and the wildlife with him. He has ranches and concession areas scattered throughout the country in order for you to have the opportunity to hunt every single species that Namibia has to offer. He has more than 30 plains game and dangerous game species available.


Namib Hunting Safaris

Namib Hunting Safaris is owned by Peter & Christel Brenkman, both grew up on ranches .They love nature and Wild life.
Namib Hunting Safaris is a small, but very successful hunting outfit based in Namibia ,were client’s receive personal attention from the owners themselves during their entire safari. Every client at Namib Hunting Safaris is treated as a VIP.
We are different in the sense that we Do Not try and hunt as much hunters as possible but rather focus on a Quality of the hunt rather Quantity . We do not mix clients as to giving each client personal attention.

Our main Camp is 150 km north of the Airport in the Steinhuasen Area with more than 200 000 acres privately owned Ranch land and in extent where we can choose from 30 different game species with High fences and FREE RANGE (including Leopard, Cheetah, Caracal Spotted and Brown Hyena).
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  • Base Camp
  • Kalahari Camp

Big Game Trophy Areas

  • Caprivi Strip
  • South-Africa
  • Catering for the hunters request for specific species Offering 30 different Game Species to hunt right across Namibia, from North-South, East-West we do it all.