Welcome to Namib Hunting SafarisUntouched Hunting AREAS in NamibiaExperience of a Life Time

Welcome to Namib Hunting Safaris

Namib hunting Safaris is Situated 150 km North-East of the airport.

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Untouched Hunting AREAS in Namibia

Namib Hunting Safaris hunts 200 000 acrs of Free Range private hunting areas along this Eastern side of the Namib Desert with is mega herds of Gemsbok, Springbok, Hartman Zebra and Monster Kudu in this stretch of land.

Experience of a Life Time

At Namib Hunting Safaris we do Quality Hunting over Quantity Hunting. You will arrive as a Client at Namib Hunting Safaris but leave as a Best Friend .

Bow Hunting

Namibia has a long tradition of hunting with bow and arrow. Practiced by various rural communities, the most well know of these is the Kalahari Bushmen. They traditionally hunt with poisoned arrows. Bow-Hunting for trophies in its modern form was legalized 1997 in Namibia.
At Namib Hunting Safaris we hunt from blinds at waterholes and salt licks .We also do walk and stalk if the terrain allows it and in the wet season when vegetation is thick .
We at Namib Hunting Safaris offer you over 30 different species threw out Namibia at our hunting areas Depending on our clients need.


  • Long Bow - being a straight, one piece or take down bow
  • Recurve Bow - being a bow with curved tipped limbs which bend away from the archer when the bow is held in the shooting position
  • Compound Bow - being a bow which uses a cable and pulleys to increase its power or the velocity of the arrow shot from it, by means of the storing of energy
  • Cross Bow - Illegal in Namibia


Arrows can be made out of:

  • Wood, fiberglass, carbon or carbon compounds and aluminum
  • The shaft must have a minimum length of 19.68 inches (500 mm)


Broadheads must:

  • Consist of at least two fixed cutting blades
  • A minimum cutting edge length and width of 1 inch (26 mm+)

Broadheads may not:

  • Have barbed or serrated edges
  • Contain poison or narcotics

Mechanical broadheads are legal in Namibia. Special arrow points such as judo points, bird points or blunt points may be used for the bow hunting of game bird species only, a hunter may take no more than two members of the permitted bird species during the hunt, which will be listed in the trophy permit.


Namibia offers a large variety of plains game species for trophy hunting. These include the following with the minimum Bow energy restrictions:

Small game

Rock-rabbit (hyrax), Rabbits, Porcupine, African Wildcat, Caracal, Black-backed Jackal, Damara Dik-Dik, Steenbok, Duiker, Klipspringer, Springbok, Letchwe, Blesbok, Bontebok, Bushbuck and huntable game birds.
Energy less than 33.9 joules (25ft/lbs)
Weight less than 22.68 gram (350 grain)

Medium game

Chakma Baboon, Warthog, Black-face and Southern Impala, Nyala, Spotted Hyena and Cheetah
Energy less than 54.24 joules (40 ft/lbs)
Weight less than 25.92 grams (400 grain)

Large game

Gemsbok/ Oryx, Kudu, Red Hartebeest, Roan antelope, Sable antelope, Tsessebe, Waterbuck, Blue and Black Wildebeest, Hartmann's Mountain Zebra and Burchell's plains Zebra, Cape Eland and Giraffe.
Energy less than 88.13 joules (65 ft/lbs)
Weight less than 29.16 gram (450 grain)