Hunting is done by walk and stalk on the most Free range isolated areas in the hole of Namibia with no High fence!
Shooting distance vary from 100 yards to 250 yards on open plains ore in the mountains. For the long range hunters this is the place to be with shots taken on Hartman zebra over 700 yards and springbok and gemsbok up to 600 yards!


We recommend the following calibres for

Plains game

  • 7mm
  • 300win mag
  • 338 win mag


Dangerous game

  • 375
  • 416
  • 470 NE
  • 500NE

Hunting accessories

  • Good pair of well warn hiking boots
  • Spear sets of boots
  • Good Binos
  • 5 sets of tags for each trophy of your taxidermist
  • 3-5 sets of hunting clothes
  • Pear of Gaiters(protect your socks from stickers)
  • Leather gloves

Kwando Production

Hunting Safari Filming (see details)